Thursday, June 23, 2011

Minor Annoyances

At my office, we always have the radio on, which wouldn't be so bad if t weren't for the commercials. Commercials drive me up the wall in general, especially when you're listening to the same station, and only hear the same 5 or 10 commercials repeated every quarter hour throughout a full 8 hour workday. But one commercial stands out to me, every time. I can't find a video of it online, but here's my transcription:

Announcer: This is the sound of [male's] Chase mortgage: [sound of lawn mower engine]. This is the sound of [male]'s Chase mortgage: [sound of meat sizzling on a grill]. And the is the sound of Nancy's Chase mortgage: [sound of golf club swinging].
[...product information...]
Announcer: [basically, you too can Buy Things with a Chase mortgage]
[sound of glass shattering]
Nancy: oops... FORE!
Announcer: Or maybe, just lessons.

This contains so many blatant and subliminal negative concepts that I'm not even sure where to start. Basically, women suck and can't play sports. Blegh.

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