Thursday, June 7, 2012

Awesome Day is Awesome

Reading lots of really good stuff out there on the interwebz today.

Let's start with a quotation from Fannie, because she's awesome:
Like, you know that if we take our eye off the ball for 2 seconds, they'd institute the fundamentalist Christian version of Sharia law in the US if they could.
From her post two days ago, "Muslims Are Worse".  This is pretty much why I've always felt an obligation to at least care about what's going on in the realm of social issues and politics. Give an inch on abortion, and suddenly equal pay is under attack.

Next we have a fantastic description of the lived experience of many queers:
I imagine a lot of us grew up internalizing homophobia to hell and back. I imagine a lot of us didn’t even know we were in the closet, because it’s easy to believe you are straight when everyone is straight and tells you it’s the normal thing to be.
From yesterday's post on Requires Only That You Hate, which is definitely going on my reading list. SF/F and feminism? Plus a big dose of fuck-the-haters attitude? Count me in.

And last, the Best Thing You Are Going To Read All Day. Seriously, this is fantastic. No quotation, just read the whole article.

And now, back to angsting over long posts about rape culture and the ugly things in this world.

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